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Adam Goode
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I am a site reliability engineer at Google Pittsburgh.

In August 2003, the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon granted me a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction.

Before that, I earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in computer science and psychology in the Minds and Machines program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

My Favorite Statistician

Susan Buchman.

I ♥ Unicode!

ALSO: IPv6 and XMPP.


While at CMU, I created OpenSlide, a system for reading whole-slide images (also known as virtual slides).


Echo & Narcissus
In The Mirror

Starting in October 2002, and continuing until the installation in April 2003, I implemented the software necessary for the interactive art piece titled Echo & Narcissus.

The piece was designed by CFA masters student Anat Pollack, as part of her final masters thesis. For me, this project was an exercise in real time image manipulation, OpenGL, QuickTime, and Mac OS X programming (in Carbon, Cocoa, and BSD). More generally, it was a piece reflecting ideas about memory, time, and self-reflection. I was quite happy with the result (and so was Anat!).

The art piece is interactive: taking video input from onlookers, merging it into its own collective identity, and displaying these images (past and present) as if from its own memories. That being true, it is quite difficult to convey the full effect of the piece on a web site. But for a sample of the output, please refer to this composite output movie.


Escape is a fun puzzle game in the tradition of Adventures of Lolo or Chip's Challenge. I have spent some amount of my free time creating various works based on Escape, including:

All this code (in various degrees of completion) is available at GitHub.

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